Beacon a hit with striker Defoe

Beacon a hit with striker Defoe
Sunderland striker Jermain Defoe has given the Beacon of Light the big thumbs up.
During a recent visit, the Black Cats front man was impressed with the facility and what it offers to the local community.
After making his big return to Wearside, back in January, Defoe was keen to see what he had missed during his time away.
“I remember the Beacon was just getting built as the last time I was here, it was a building site next to the hotel!”
Five years on the striker has had a grand tour of the venue and was blown away by the development.
“It’s fantastic, I loved the indoor barn and the atmosphere inside - it’s a great place not just for kids to go and play football, but has something for everyone.
“Staff were telling me about the different sports and activities there is for older people and that there’s yoga classes every day too.”
He added: “It’s things like this why Sunderland is so close to my heart, the club and the Foundation are so accessible for fans and there’s always something to bring everyone together.”
The Beacon of Light is open seven days a week and offers activities for the entire community.
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