Wellness Yoga

Wellness Yoga takes up its new home at the Beacon of Light.

Weekly schedule:

  • Wednesday 8am-8.50am Flow (Mixed level)
  • Wednesday 5.30pm-8.30pm Vinyasa Flow (Mixed level)
  • Thursday 6pm-7pm Slow Flow (Beginner friendly)
  • Thursday 7pm-8pm Improver Course
  • Friday 6pm-7pm - Yin Yang
  • Sunday 11am-12noon Flow (Beginner friendly)

Great for anyone who can’t decide what their body needs at the minute (bit of yin, bit of yang).

Not good for complete beginners, people with injuries, those who are less mobile, have low or high blood pressure or cardiovascular irregularities.

Help Us Make a Difference

What makes the Beacon of Light unique is that all proceeds from sales and events go back to the charity, the Foundation of Light, which helps continue to support communities in the north east.

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